Kubernetes Managed Cluster


What you will get ?

  • Fully managed Kubernetes control plane & nodes
  • Different Kubernetes versions can be selected
  • Custom Machine Types
  • Price based on hourly usage
  • Technical support
  • Fully managed Kubernetes Cluster
  1. k8simulator gives you the flexibility to launch, run, test, and scale Kubernetes applications. With just a few clicks, your k8s cluster is fully operational and you can start performing tasks within minutes, with no need to perform any pre-configuration tasks from the user side.
  • Different Kubernetes versions
  1. You can select different Kubernetes versions for your cluster.
    Currently, it is possible to choose from Kubernetes 1.20v, 1.19v, and 1.18v.
  • Custom Machine Types
  1. You have the choice to select your master control plane and your worker node Instante hardware type based on different configurations, Small, Medium and Large.
    From 4 to 16 Ram and from 2 to 4 CPU, you have the large choice to customize your cluster hardware requirements
  2. VM instances pricing:
    1. Small:
      1. RAM: 4
      2. CPU: 2
      3. Network performance: Low to Moderate
      4. Price: 2,49 €
    2. Medium:
      1. RAM: 8
      2. CPU: 2
      3. Network performance: Moderate
      4. Price: 3,49 €
    3. Large:
      1. RAM: 16
      2. CPU: 4
      3. Network performance: Moderate
      4. Price: 5,49 €
  • The price is based on hourly usage
  1. Pay for what you use, not more and not less.
    The price is calculated based on the hourly usage. So you pay only for what you need
  • Technical support
  1. Do you have questions about your Kubernetes cluster? Is the k8s cluster not working as it is supposed to? Then contact our support team - send an email, call us or use our contact form.
    Our support team will help you with any technical problem.
    We are always there for you! 

Why taking the k8s certifications is important?

When Zip Recruiter surveyed the salaries that Kubernetes professionals earned in 2019, the results were astounding!

  • $144,245: The average salary for Kubernetes jobs as of May 2019, according to ZipRecruiter



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